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15 stipulations to look for in an escort contract

Many escorts like the security and convenience of working for an agency. Marketing, bookkeeping and client contact lists are managed by somebody else, leaving them extra time to do other things. However, when you are an independent contractor for an agency, you have to make sure your interests are protected through your contract. Continue reading

13 valuable things that activists do for the escort industry

Just like in any field of business, the escort industry benefits from the efforts of dedicated, loyal activists who advocate for the interests of adult industry workers. Many of these activists work with established organizations with boards and long lists of members. However, some supporters put their efforts out independently, choosing to work alone, instead of being directly associated with others. These activists have significant impacts on the escort industry, providing progress for and awareness of issues of special concern to escorts and others involved in the industry. Continue reading

13 ways to fall off the vice squad radar

All you have to do is pay attention to the news to discover that squads across the United States are cracking down on everyone with a pulse, including escorts. While some are investigating human trafficking rings, other vice squads are simply out to make arrests, regardless of the true offense. If your local vice squad or adult entertainment task force is actively seeking area “criminals”, you should do what you can to avoid attracting their attention. Even though you are providing legal services to clients, your best bet is to continue to fly under their radar and live as discreetly as possible. Continue reading

How the subtle differences between explicit and implicit marketing may keep escorts out of trouble

When you visit any typical escort mall (or directory), it’s common to see escorts’ ads promising everything from companionship and “full service” to great conversation and “unbelievable sex”. Many of these escorts who are blatantly advertising they are willing to have sex or engage in other sexual acts with their clients are breaking prostitution laws and could be arrested based on their advertising efforts. Continue reading

Escorting in the UK: Health, safety and the law

Rather then turning a blind eye to the sex industry and leaving escorts to discover the boundaries of the law themselves, the UK in general — and the NHS in particular — along with other government health authorities are now accepting of the existence and function of this industry in society. As a result of this growing trend of acceptance, those in it are becoming better protected and increasingly able to operate in a safer and more regulated environment where there is advice and help at hand. Continue reading

How escorts can contest false hobbyist reviews

When you’re in the escort business long enough, one day you will receive a negative or false review from a hobbyist. You don’t have to take false reviews lying down. The proper thing to do when a hobbyist posts a false review about an encounter with you is to post a rebuttal and to report the hobbyist to the forum moderator. Continue reading

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