15 boudoir photography tips for escorts

Boudoir photography is a tasteful way to add sexually suggestive photos to your online galleries for client viewing. The style implies nudity, while still maintaining a level of class, elegance and sophistication. Escorts benefit from this type of photography as the pictures suggest what clients might expect from an encounter with them. Continue reading

Snapchat and Instagram: Escorts’ indispensable marketing tools

Mobile social media apps are still hot. Anyone with a mobile phone can communicate in a multitude of ways with pictures, text, voice and video. For an escort, it makes perfect sense to harness this visual method of communication for marketing purposes. Despite the arguments that it’s generally a younger demographic that uses Snapchat and Instagram, you can create quite a following with both applications, if you use them resourcefully. Continue reading

Technical tips for getting the most out of your photos

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When someone says they’re “photogenic”, it usually means that they have learned the skill of making facial expressions and turning their bodies to angles that are the most beneficial for their form and face. They know the colors that work best with their skin-tone and how to use makeup to best highlight their beauty. But sometimes even the most prepared person can look undignified when in front of a lens, and in these cases it’s the lens that needs the adjustment. Continue reading

20 things to remember when posing for escort photos

Your pictures and online photo gallery may be the keys to success as an escort. Clients want to know ahead of time what to expect from you when they book an encounter. They may appreciate the physical description you give in your profile information, but most clients will need a visual clue to really want you. To meet clients’ needs, you need a variety of photos, and good ones at that. Continue reading