Bingo! Escorting the big wins

A few weeks ago a friend of mine made what can only be described as a big score. Big as in the sale of part of his company for millions of dollars, many millions of dollars, in cash. I saw him a couple of weeks after the big win and, perhaps naively, asked where he had been. In his best Austin Powers voice he announced, “Vegas, Baby, Vegas!” Continue reading

How to register an escort business in Nevada

Ah, Nevada. Home to the Hoover Dam, the largest source of gold in the United States and the most hotel rooms in the world. Home to a desert rat that can live its entire life without a single drop of water, and where camels were used as transportation as late as the 1870s. The only state where prostitution is legal in some counties, and one of the few without personal income taxes. Continue reading

Prostitution law in Storey County, Nevada

As the second smallest county in Nevada and located only 26 miles from downtown Reno, Storey County has a lot to offer its residents, visitors and tourists. In addition to historic attractions and gold mining museums, Storey County also allows legal prostitution within the parameters of county statutes. Brothels are licensed houses of prostitution in Storey County. Continue reading

Prostitution law in Churchill County, Nevada

Churchill County, located in the western portion of Nevada, allows prostitution and brothels within the constraints of its many statutes governing licensing and employment registration. Prostitution is allowable within the laws, but the practice must be limited to occurring in licensed houses of prostitution and with licensed prostitutes. Continue reading

Prostitution law in Nye County, Nevada

With the majority of the county land managed by the federal government, Nye County becomes rather small despite its estimated population of 46,308 residents. The county allows one license for a house of prostitution to be located in Armargosa Valley and reports that income derived from prostitution has a positive effect on its economic bottom line. Continue reading

Prostitution law in Lyon County, Nevada

Lyon County, with a population of 51,980 residents, allows for licensed prostitution outside of the county’s cities’ limits. The laws specifically designate that licensing of houses of prostitution and its employees is a privilege, not a right. Continue reading

Nevada prostitution law

Nevada has many laws and guidelines regarding the prohibition and allowance of prostitution and related activities. Some counties and municipalities have their own sets of statutes that define the laws governing prostitution. Other counties rely on the state statutes set forth by Nevada legislators. This article deals strictly with Nevada’s laws about prostitution and related activities. Continue reading