How to date an escort

There are many things to remember and consider when setting up a date with an escort or meeting one for an appointment. Basic things like being on time, showing up clean, accepting the price for escort services without haggling and treating your escort with respect are important anytime that you meet up with and hire an escort for a date. In addition to these basic principles, there are other tips to use in order to make your date great!

  • Turn off the television or radio when your escort arrives. An escort shouldn’t have to compete with the Late Show or old Cheers reruns for your attention. Avoid letting the television become a distraction by simply shutting it off. However, if you have left the television or radio on to provide “mood music,” that may be acceptable. Just remember, certain kinds of music may not provide the kind of mood you’re looking for. Refer to our list of music to make love to or ask your escort if she likes the type of music you’ve got on and if it’s alright to leave it on for the duration of your date.
  • Shower and shave prior to your appointment. Stubble on your face can cause whisker burn on your escort’s sensitive skin. Avoid roughing him or her up by shaving before your date.
  • Explain any specialized needs or wants soon after your escort arrives (or you arrive to see your escort). If you wish particular attention to a certain body part, conversation about a specific subject or an activity that hasn’t been previously discussed, let your escort know about it. Escorts are not mind readers; help them make your date better by letting them know your expectations or wants.
  • Give positive reinforcement; not criticism or instructions. Escorts are good at what they do. But, it’s nice to let them know that they are hitting the “right spot” by giving them positive reinforcement and saying things like, “That feels good”. Additionally, if you want your escort to do something, avoid giving him or her instructions about how to do it. Another way to get what you want is to simply ask for it. On another note, if your experience feels so good that you want to call out your escort’s name, refrain from yelling or screaming it. Simply saying it passionately is enough.
  • Answer the door in your bathrobe if you’re meeting your escort at your hotel room. Escorts are always leery of new clients; they have to watch out for stings with law enforcement. By answering the door in your skivvies or bathrobe, you can set their minds at ease that you’re not a cop in disguise.
  • Avoid pressuring an escort to orgasm during your encounter. Odds are that if you treat your escort with respect and follow some of the other tips, your escort will orgasm on his or her own.
  • Tip well if you want a repeat performance. The best way to ensure that your experiences with your escort will continue to be great is to tip him or her well. Escorts remember clients who tip (and those who don’t).

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