Escorts, how awful are your phone manners?

Recently I had occasion to phone escorts, literally hundreds of escorts. OMG. In a few hundred phone calls only one in ten calls – at best – were even slightly pleasant. I thought perhaps it was the sound of a woman’s voice which was putting the escorts off, so I had my husband make calls. Lots of calls. My darling loves women, has a nice voice and has made calls for a living: he would come away from the phone a bit dazed. And utterly amazed at the lack of finesse these business women possessed. Continue reading

Girl on the go: Escorting in a mobile world

Lying in your purse is a tiny device that is, in actuality, a full-scale computer thousands of times more powerful than the computer aboard the Apollo 11 mission which landed men on the moon. Saying that the Smartphone has revolutionized the internet is no exaggeration. Add to it tablets, and suddenly the world in which a modern-day escort conducts her business is totally transformed. Continue reading

Why exactly should an escort ignore blocked phone calls?

Throughout the course of any work day (or other days, for that matter), an escort may expect to receive several phone calls that show up as “unavailable” or “private.” Many escorts pick up these calls without batting an eyelash, but more experienced escorts don’t even hesitate as they hit the “Ignore” button or watch as the calls are diverted to the blocked list. Continue reading

12 things your voice tells about you when you call an escort

It’s common for clients to be apprehensive about calling an escort the first time. Being unsure about the process, battling guilty feelings and experiencing bouts of shyness or awkwardness can make the first call a difficult one. All people – including escorts – have the toolkit to realize this and more, not only from the words you use, but also from your vocal tone, tempo and other characteristics. Continue reading

14 Android apps that every escort should know about

As an escort, you probably use your Android phone non-stop. Calling or texting clients, double-checking your schedule and doing other tasks related to your smartphone’s capabilities are common duties of your Android device. Hands down, it’s one of the most important tools in your escort career arsenal, because not only does it keep you connected to your clients, but it also serves as a safety link when you’re at encounters. But your phone can do so much more for you when you use the correct apps. Check out these top 15 14 must-have Android apps for escorts: Continue reading

10 phone tips for escorts

The phone may be the tool you use to do a lot of business as an escort: booking appointments, fielding questions from prospective clients, setting up advertising and scheduling travel arrangements. Because your phone may provide insight to the type of professional you are to clients, it’s essential Continue reading

Escorts can phone it in

Even though most escorts provide services to their clients in person, there is the rare occasion that one will follow through on a client’s wish to have an encounter over the telephone in order to steam things up for a later rendezvous. When you find an escort who is willing to talk you up with phone sex, it’s important to know what to do when you are on the phone with him or her. While most of the work is done by your escort, you still have some responsibilities that will help keep the momentum of the moment going so that you get the best experience possible. Here are some tips to use when your escort is phoning it in:

  1. Know the fantasy or roles you want played out. Decide ahead of time what you want the scenario to include. Do you want plain phone sex that is down and dirty? Do you want to pretend to be a wrong number? Do you want to pretend it’s a business call that turns sexual? Determine your ideal scenario and let your escort know at the beginning of the phone call. By letting your escort know, you are more likely to get what you want and expect from the phone call.
  2. Be specific. Now is not the time to be subtle. It’s important to let your escort know if you want to talk about a specific body part, domination, water play or any other subject that trips your trigger. Otherwise, your escort is left in the dark and has to simply bring things up as shots in the dark.
  3. Give positive feedback to your escort as the call progresses. If you can’t verbalize an “Oh, yes,” then moan or groan to indicate that you are receiving pleasure from the experience. If the experience isn’t going the way you want it to, feel free to redirect your escort in another way.
  4. Answer questions posed to you by your escort. He or she asks you questions for a reason, typically to help direct the encounter and lead to what happens next. If you fail to answer questions, it stalls the phone sex experience because your escort is unsure where to go with the next step.
  5. React enthusiastically. An enthusiastic partner will likely get an enthusiastic escort who gets more into the experience. If you act disinterested or distracted, your escort will not be able to help you reach your goal as well.
  6. Remember that you won’t click with everyone. If it’s not working for you, politely let your escort know and seek out someone else to fulfill your phone fantasies that will lead to a physical encounter.
  7. Be ready to talk when it’s time for your phone call. Make sure there are no distractions, such as watching television, taking care of your children or surfing the Internet. Not only is it rude to not be fully focused when your escort is working hard to help you reach your goal, but it will impede your progress. Additionally, make sure you have a good phone connection before proceeding with the call. Trying to engage in phone sex with a patchy connection is nearly useless.
  8. Speak up while you’re on the phone with your escort. It’s difficult to engage in a sexual phone encounter when you’re whispering and can’t hear one another.
  9. Engage in a little bit of conversation prior to your phone encounter. It helps to establish a connection between you and your escort, which helps to progress the phone sex along.
  10. Interact with your escort during the phone call as though it’s a real, physical encounter. Bringing a bit of reality into it helps make the experience more fulfilling.
  11. Laugh and have fun. Laughter and a sense of humor can make the phone sex that much more pleasurable.
  12. Stay on the line to say “Goodbye” or “Thank you” after the climax. Escorts (and other phone sex workers) find it very rude when clients abruptly hang up after the call or experience is completed.